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Notes from Our Leaders - Page 29

Enjoy these weekly insights from our Senior Leadership team.

Senior Leaders include: Steve Simonin, President & CEO; Amy McDaniel, Belmond CEO; Cindy Hunter, CQO; Holly Martin, HRO; Greg Polzin, CFO; Regan Swisher, CCO; and Ashley Recknor, Specialty Services Officer.


The Brief by Reagan

Every year when the first snow hits I tell myself next year I’m going to be better prepared and ready. This never happens. Right now the vehicle I use to move snow needs repaired and the plow itself needs some work. Not to mention I have all kinds of stuff...
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Amy's Reflections

I recently celebrated a birthday and those close to me know that it didn’t go exactly as planned. I had envisioned a day filled with fun and family and maybe doing mostly what I wanted to do. At the time, it felt like one disaster after another. Maleigha about took...
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Notes from Steve

My birthday is next week and I usually dislike the yearly reminder of aging, however, this birthday and subsequent year will be epic. I’m looking at a particular provider who, although older than me, cranked out some pretty awesome numbers in miles on his bike this summer.* He demonstrated to...
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Thoughts from Holly

Fall harvest is in full force in Iowa and the trees are absolutely stunning with the brilliant autumn colors. I hope you all can take the time to get out and enjoy some of the beauty with a walk, run, bike ride or just sitting outside and taking it all...
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Steve's Note

When I rode my bike the other day, I saw a ton of snakes. I’m always brought to a story when I see a snake on a trail of a friend who accidentally ran over a snake and it got caught in her spokes. (long, deep, horrendous sigh) Yep. That...
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Amy's Reflections

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather and the beauty of the changing colors of the leaves. Last weekend during forced family fun time, we pulled out all the old Halloween decorations and made some progress on adding some fall spirit to our house. It...
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Steve's Notes

Grace and trust have been on my mind as of late. In these times of pandemic and unrest, in my opinion, we should start with trusting people and then giving grace when necessary (assuming that if someone screwed up, they probably started out with good intentions). There are so many...
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Steve's Notes

I’ve started writing this a couple of times this week. I’m filled with angst. I have leftover anxiety from hearing that I may have been exposed to Covid (I wasn’t - the person’s test came back negative), angst from the debate the other night, angst from the end of summer,...
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Greg's Greetings

We are officially into the season of fall. Fall is often the favorite season for many. However, for others, this is a sign that winter is coming and thus a season you would rather skip. Like most things it is all in how you frame things. For example: Some dislike...
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Amy's Reflections

I spent the last week in quarantine for the second time. The first time was because Shaila had tested positive for COVID and this time was because I tested positive for COVID. I have no idea where I picked it up from, but it has definitely kicked my butt this...
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