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Premier Workplace Health Services 

Iowa Specialty Hospital’s Occupational Medicine department provides employers with a wide selection of specialized services designed to keep employees healthy, safe, and productive. This includes workplace injuries, workplace drug testing, physical therapy services, and more. From employee health testing to physical and occupational therapy services, Iowa Specialty Hospital’s world-class physicians and healthcare professionals are here to meet the needs of you and your employees. 

Occupational Medicine Services Offered

  • Fit Testing: We help make sure that your employees’  respiratory protection equipment fits properly.

  • Respiratory Clearance: This medical service medically affirms the ability of an employee to wear a piece of respiratory protection equipment. 

  • Spirometry: This common lung function test gauges the general lung capacity of an individual. 

  • Drug Screening for Employment: As part of our drug testing services, we offer a variety of workplace drug testing to ensure the safety of your workforce.

  • MRO Drug Screening: As part of our drug screening services, we provide screening with a Medical Review Officer (MRO). Using an MRO to supervise your results helps guarantee the accuracy and fairness of your employee drug screenings.

  • Alcohol Breathalyzer Testing: As part of our screening services, we provide a basic breath alcohol testing service. This test is effective and offers quick results. 

  • Audiometry Testing/Hearing Testing: Iowa Specialty Hospitals’ hearing care professionals are highly trained and use the latest technology test for hearing loss.

  • Stress Testing: Our healthcare professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and methods to examine the health of a patient’s cardiovascular system. 

  • Wellness Screenings with Labs: A basic service to screen an employee’s overall health and wellness to make sure they are physically fit to perform their jobs safely. 

  • Physical Therapy Services: Our highly trained staff of physical therapists are here to help patients recover from both injuries and surgical procedures. 

  • Occupational Therapy Services: As part of our therapy services, our occupational therapists are trained in the latest and most effective techniques to help patients recover from injuries. 

  • Radiology Services with CT Scans: Our radiology department uses state-of-the-art imaging software to help diagnose and treat injuries and conditions. 

  • Physical Capacity Profile: Using a variety of measurements, we create a baseline for an employee’s physical performance.  

  • Immunizations: Iowa Speciality Hospital helps your workforce stay healthy and productive by offering immunizations for a wide array of pathogens. 

  • DOT Exams: This service assures that drivers of commercial vehicles are physically fit to perform their jobs safely. 

  • Pre-Employment/Employment Physicals: Physical exams for employment will evaluate if your employees are physically fit and healthy enough to safely perform their job duties. 

  • Sleep Apnea Screenings and Sleep Lab: Sleep problems can lead to a variety of health conditions and a dangerous work environment. Our sleep center will help diagnose or eliminate conditions such as sleep apnea. 

  • Watermark Home Sleep Studies: We can evaluate some patients from the comfort of their own homes using the latest modern equipment. 

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