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Medication Management Services

Iowa Specialty Pharmacy, located at Iowa Specialty Hospital-Clarion, provides the best in specialized pharmaceutical care with a comprehensive variety of services tailored to meet the unique healthcare needs of our community. As an integral part of the hospital, primary care, and family medicine providers, our in-hospital pharmacy team is dedicated to offering personalized and patient-centric services for you and your family members.

We dispense medications in a precise and timely manner, ensuring that patients receive the right prescription drugs with a focus on accuracy and safety. Our pharmacists collaborate closely with healthcare providers to:

  • Optimize medication regimens
  • Conduct thorough medication reviews 
  • Offer insights to enhance treatment outcomes




As well as providing basic pharmacy services at our Iowa hospital, we pride ourselves on delivering patient education that goes beyond the basics. Our pharmacists offer detailed counseling services, ensuring that individuals understand their medications, potential drug interactions, and side effects. Moreover, we provide valuable clinical and lifestyle advice for the best health outcomes possible, guiding patients on: 

  • How to stop smoking
  • Reducing high blood pressure
  • Losing weight
  • Improving diet
  • Managing chronic illnesses

As a trusted source of pharmaceutical expertise, the local pharmacy in our Clarion Iowa clinic plays a crucial role in emergencies, ensuring the availability of life-saving medications promptly. Whether it's managing medication stock, monitoring expiration dates, or implementing stringent quality control measures, our commitment to patient safety remains unwavering.

In addition, we have designated pharmacists who work directly on health conditions with our hospital patients.  They provide medication counseling before patients are discharged, so they understand how to take their medicines correctly once they return to their homes. Our pharmacists are also a part of the patient rounding team for the best outcomes for our inpatients.  

We Care About Your Wellbeing

Our services extend beyond the hospital walls, we don’t just fill and refill prescriptions, we offer outpatient services, patient counseling, and seamless transitions of care. At Iowa Specialty Pharmacy, our healthcare professionals are not just dispensers of medications; we are dedicated partners in the health journey of our community, providing compassionate, high-quality pharmaceutical care. We want our patients to understand we are here to help them with medical care and provide the best quality of life we possibly can! Contact us at any time to talk about your pharmaceutical medical treatments.

Learn more about how we make medication safety a priority below. 

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