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At Iowa Specialty Hospital, our Urology Providers specialize in diagnosing and treating urologic conditions.

Urology is a branch of medical science that concerns diseases and conditions of the male and female urinary tracts, in addition to the male reproductive system.

A urologist is a medical doctor who has undergone additional training to specialize in such diseases and conditions. From bladder and kidney stones to urinary tract infections or erectile dysfunction, a urologist is trained to diagnose, evaluate, and treat a variety of conditions and diseases using both nonsurgical and surgical approaches.

Treatment for Both Men & Women

  • Kidney Stones
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Voiding Dysfunction
  • Cystoscopy
  • Ureteroscopy with Laser
  • Lithotripsy

Male Treatments

  • Enlarged Prostate
  • Prostate Biopsies
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Penile Adhesions
  • Hydrocelectomy
  • Urolift
  • Varicocelectomy
  • Vasectomy

Female Treatments

  • Overactive Bladder


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