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January 23, 2023

“be Daring” … ugh.

I’ve always made it a practice in life to avoid harm.  When the carnival would come to Sioux City for Morningside days as a kid - I would be firmly on the side of “no” when it came to the scary rides (I’d vomit on the Tilt-a-whirl).  Scary movies - no.  I still mute and cover my eyes on commercials for scary movies.  I’m definitely not a courageous person.  “Daring” though, according to the dictionary is more about being adventurous as opposed to danger.

Ok, so I’m not opposed to a good, safe adventure.  My seventh-grade English teacher used to always say “it’s all a matter of perspective - how we see life/adventures/experiences through our eyes is different for everyone”.  I’ve expanded my definition of adventures throughout my life. I’ve pushed my boundaries and tried different things … from biking to weird foods to travel.  And at Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics, we’ve dared to be different because we had to - if we wanted to survive and thrive, we needed to change and grow.  

Do you think outside the box? The walls of your box are defined by your fears and perceptions.  When I dare to step out, I expand my boundary of acceptable risk.  When I moved to New Hampshire in 1990, friends and family came to visit and would fly into Boston.  The traffic in Boston was awful.  I’d have to pick them up at the airport.  Scared me to death, but I did it.  I don’t like driving in big city traffic, but I do, and because of that my life is fuller.  I was worried for a long time when I first started biking 7 years ago at age 50 - “could I ride so that I didn’t always embarrass myself?”.  When I clipped into my pedals, I’d fall over (total of 3 times) in front of crowds … but it got easier.  When I first started speaking in front of crowds, I’d go into full flop sweat and almost pass out.  But it got easier.  

Daring.  Daring is not easy... but if you want to thrive in life and be successful, you’ve got to face your fears and your long-held perceptions and push forward.  For the most part - it’s worth it.

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