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January 16, 2023

Be calm.  

I was telling someone about our “be/bee” theme this year.  She asked what word was coming next … I said “calm” and she said “oh, good! - you need to focus on that”.  (*sigh*)  I thought I embodied calm*. Calmness, I thought, was my vibe.  I guess I’m wrong (according to everyone).

I’ve been practicing meditation for 2 ½ years.  Every morning, I get up and meditate for 20 minutes.  I work out (4-5 times a week really hard) to relieve stress, and I work with a coach weekly to address any leftover anxiety/stress/angst.  I get good sleep.  By doing these things, I hopefully am a little bit calmer.  Maybe … hopefully? 

How do you practice calm?  Do you walk through life free of angst, stress, and anxiety?  Of course not.  No one does -- but it doesn’t hurt to try.  Being calm in the face of the storm allows for wisdom.  I know that when faced with a traumatic situation -- I count to ten or wait to respond, and by doing this, it allows me space to collect my thoughts.**  

*people used to tell me that I needed to “settle down” and get married.  I told them if I settled down anymore, I’d slip into a coma.  I’m kind of boring.
**like winter driving - I’m the guy with two hands on the wheel going the appropriate speed for the road conditions.  (I shout at those in the ditch - “I PRACTICE CALMNESS!”) 

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