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January 2, 2023

Be authentic.

I was thinking of this over the weekend.  As you may or may not know - our theme of “be” for the next year will take on 52 different meanings each week of 2023*.  This week is authentic, and I think this is an awesome first word for ISH because this is who we are and how we’ve evolved.  Authentic to me means genuine and transparent.  It means to me that we are who we are, no excuses - no apologies.

I remember a couple of my first interviews when people asked “how? … because it doesn’t make sense that people from all over drive to receive care in a very rural area in north central Iowa.”  My answer always was because we are authentic - we do what we do because we are confident in the quality of care delivered, and we know our service is outstanding.  We genuinely care and love each and every one of our patients.  

I remember saying that our confidence is based in knowing that we aren’t wrapped in huge marble walls or huge bank accounts.  We are rural.  Our forefathers and mothers came to this area of the country and worked the farmlands into some of the best producing in the world - our roots run deep in hard work and caring for our communities.  We are tough, and we have a maverick fighting spirit.

Authentic.  Genuine.  It’s who we are.

*I need to “be consistent and be engaged in the theme”.  This may prove to be a challenge for a person (me) who sometimes struggles to pay attention and follow the rules …

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