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Pay My Bill

Iowa Specialty Hospital requests that any patient portion of charges be paid at time of registration. The amount you will be required to pay will vary depending on your insurance coverage. Most policies require patients to pay a deductible and a percentage of the remaining cost of services (co-payments). Iowa Specialty Hospital accepts personal checks, cash, or credit cards including Master Card, Visa, and Discover.

Regardless of your ability to pay, Iowa Specialty Hospital will perform services that are indicated to be medically necessary.

Co-Payments / Down Payments

Family Practice Services

You will be required to pay a portion of your deductible or your copay amount at the time of registering for your family practice exam. If you have an insurance plan that applies an office exam towards your deductible, you will be asked to pay $75. Otherwise you will be asked to pay your co-payment as determined by your insurance plan.*  

Radiology Services 

When having outpatient radiology services, you will be required to pay $200 which will be applied to your out-of-pocket expenses for those services.*

Surgical Services 

All surgical services will require $500 as a down payment to be applied to your out-of-pocket expenses for those services.  You will be provided with an estimate on surgical services to help you plan for a payment arrangement for any remaining balances owed.*

*Self Pay Policy will still apply for self-pay individuals.

Methods of Payment

Your remaining balance will be sent to you via a monthly billing statement. In some cases, you will receive multiple statements for a single date of service. Iowa Specialty Hospital departments may issue separate billing statements. Examples of this would include radiology fees, emergency medicine, physician fees, and laboratory services.

You have three options to pay this bill. These options are outlined below.

Mail Your Payment

Once you receive your medical statement in the mail, you will have the option to mail your payment. Please follow the instructions that are written on the statement for mailing in your payment.

Online Bill Pay

To pay your bill online, you must be enrolled in MyChart.  Use the link below to learn how to enroll.


Pay Over the Telephone

If you would prefer to pay your bill over the phone, please call (515) 532-9300 or toll-free at (800) 888-2584.

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