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Testing For Your Health

Nurse preparing to draw blood from patient at Iowa Specialty Hospital

At Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics, our laboratory plays a crucial role in providing medical testing to diagnose medical conditions and manage diseases. We take pride in our accreditation, which places us in the 99th percentile by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments). 

Our laboratory is under the guidance of an on-staff physician and pathologist. From routine tests to specialized reports, our lab offers medical testing options to support the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions.

Outpatient Services

Our hospital accepts orders from physicians across the country. For outpatient services, test results will be faxed to the physician's office in a timely manner, unless instructed otherwise.

Other Laboratory Services

Some of the additional services we provide include:

Blood Banking

Blood Banking tests assure there is enough safe blood available for transfusions and emergencies.


Chemistry exams involve looking at the patient's blood and bodily fluids to check how their organs are functioning.


Coagulation tests check how well the patient's blood can clot and helps diagnose bleeding disorders.


Woman looks in microscope  at Iowa Specialty HospitalHematology tests examine the patient's blood cells to detect any blood disorders or related conditions.


Immunology labs check how well the patient's immune system is working and helps diagnose autoimmune and immunodeficiency disorders.


Microbiology labs examine infectious agents like bacteria and viruses in the patient's body to help treat infections.

  • Serology exams find antibodies in the patient's blood to diagnose infections and immune responses.
  • Urinalysis tests involve analyzing the patient's urine to check how well their kidneys are functioning and to detect urinary tract infections or other conditions.
  • Wellness exams look at the patient's overall health to identify any potential health risks and promote well-being.

At Iowa Specialty Hospital, we are here to assist you with all your healthcare needs. To find the location nearest you, please visit our hospital and clinic locations page. 


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