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Ear, Nose, and Throat: Celon Method

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Treatment using the Celon method involves reducing the size of the nasal turbinates.  When the muscous membrane in the nose becomes irritated, it can often cause the turbinates to enlarge, leaving a person to suffer with a permanently stuffy nose.  This constriction may not go away on its own.  

Those affected by this condition often experience difficulty breathing through the nose, nighttime snoring, a loss of smell and taste, as well as, an increased tendency toward headaches.  In addition, because the nasal mucosa is less able to perform its filtering function, sufferers are left more vulnerable to colds and infections.

The good news is that chronically enlarged nasal turbinates can be treated today with excellent results using minimally the invasive techniques of the Celon method.

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Benefits for Patients:

  • Outpatient procedure generally using local anesthesia

  • Actual procedure time is minimal

  • Nasal mucosa, vital to the immune response, is protected 

  • Daily life is generally not disrupted in the days following treatment

  • Procedure can be repeated if necessary

  • Quality of breathing and other all health is improved

To find out if the Celon method is right for you, call 844-474-4321 to schedule an appointment with one our ENT specialists.  

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