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Cardiopulmonary: Cardiolite® Stress Testing

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What is a Cardiolite® Stress Test?

A stress test with Cardiolite® is a way to determine if your heart muscle is getting the blood supply it needs. The test also helps evaluate how well your heart is working. To perform the test, a small amount of Cardiolite® is injected into your blood. A special camera is then able to take pictures of your heart. 

How Will This Test Help Me?

Your doctor may ask for a stress test with Cardiolite® in order to get more accurate and complete information about how your heart is functioning.

Your heart receives vital, life-giving blood from vessels called coronary arteries. If these arteries become partially blocked or narrowed by the buildup of fatty materials, your heart may not receive the blood it needs to function properly. This narrowing of coronary arteries is called coronary artery disease (CAD).

While your heart may function normally at rest, your heart muscle may not receive enough blood when under stress (Example: when you are exercising). This can often result in chest pain. On the other hand, there may be no outward physical signs of this narrowing. Thus, a stress test with Cardiolite® may be useful in detecting the disease and assessing how this may affect you. With this information, your doctor can determine the proper course of treatment to keep you healthy.

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