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We are committed to delivering the best possible service and patient experience. We understand you and your visitors may not desire or be able to adhere to a schedule. Appreciating the unique needs of our patients and the importance of nutrition to your care and recovery, we are proud to offer room service. Our room service offers our patients a variety of menu choices, daily specials and flexibility in meal times. No matter the restriction or the diet, we have prepared several therapeutic diet menus to include Heart Healthy, Consistent Carbohydrate, Kidney Friendly, Pureed, Mechanical Soft, Gluten Free, and various liquid consistencies.

To place an order, use your room phone to dial 7000.  Your name, room number, and prescribed diet order will be verified with you.  Your meal request will arrive within 45 minutes.  Room service hours are 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. daily.


English Español
General                General
Gluten Free Sin Gluten
Heart Healthy Saludable Para El Corazón
Kidney Friendly Apto Para Riñones
Liquid - Clear Líquido Claro
Liquid - Full Totalmente De Líquidos
Low Fat Bajo En Grasa
Low Fiber Bajo En Fibra
Low Sodium Bajo En Sodio
Minced and Moist MM5 Picada u Humeda
Post Surgical - Orthopedics Only  Post Quirúrgica - Solo Ortopedia
Puree Puré


If you are on a general diet, you may also enjoy items from our cafe menu.  Please use the link below to view our daily specials.

Cafe Menu         


Visitors can play an important role in the patient’s recovery and comfort. We invite your visitor to dine with you – right in your room. We offer you two free guest meals during your hospital stay. Our cafeterias are located on the main floor at each facility and offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a variety of entrees, side dishes, desserts, salad bar, sandwiches and grab-and-go items and beverages.

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