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May 29, 2023

Be Vulnerable.

I’m listening to this song that this kid sang to a bunch of us back in high school.*  He was the type of kid who was bullied, and I remember him telling me that at another school, he’d be shoved into lockers and spat upon.  For him to gather the courage and risk being made fun of … again … stuck with me.  To be vulnerable - you must first be courageous.  

We focus on wellness a lot at the hospital - I think a lot of people don’t venture into gyms or exercise outside because of a perceived risk of ridicule.**  If we, at the gym or outside, just gave thumbs up or encouragement to those trying their best at exercise - courage and fortitude would take over vulnerability. 

I was wondering where my vulnerabilities lie.  In what situations do I feel exposed or less than ready to deal with a situation or open to attack?  Usually, my fear is made up, and my only risk is my ego.  Someone said recently that a huge percentage of your concerns are your concerns - no one else notices.  Everyone is just trying to get on with their day.  However, a compliment goes really far and helps to ease fear and bolsters courage.  Give a thumbs up to someone today.

*His name was Tony, and he sang “I’ve Got a Name” by Jim Croce.  
**My sister, Amy, was on a treadmill once 16 years ago at the fitness center and was going really slow … jogging, I think.  I asked her what she was doing.  “RUNNING!” she barked back. I shouldn’t have done that - she was embarrassed and didn’t come back to the gym.   I should have been a supportive cheerleader.  


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