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May 22, 2023

Be Understanding

Don Ruiz in the book The Four Agreements talks about how to be a good human.  He says you need to do at least four things.  1. Do your Best 2. Don’t make assumptions 3. Be impeccable with your word and 4. Don’t take things personally.  His thought is by doing these things, you’ll lead a better life.   This week’s theme is “Be understanding”.  

I always say - and I’ve said it here many times - that the mark of a good host is to order an expensive item on the menu, drink the drinks, and dress down so as to allow for all to feel comfortable.  This is not specifically about how to act at a restaurant - the message is to read the room and help those around you feel at ease.  It can be at a restaurant, it could be in line at a store, it can be at church, work, wherever.    You see someone needing help?  “Be understanding” and offer assistance.*  

I did my orientation gig on Monday, and I told the story of me truly understanding what it was to be a successful hospital administrator who did things for the right reasons.  Until I understood what it felt like to be a patient or a patient advocate, I didn’t fully get it.  It took mom getting sick for me to understand.  My mind before was too concentrated on my own success - it didn’t allow for other’s concerns and needs.  To be understanding is to lead with love.  

*safety first though - calling 911 is sometimes the best intervention.  


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