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Notes from Steve

April 10, 2023

Be Optimistic.

Steve using TikTok app to look youngerI’m not advocating the use of TikTok, but I was seeing all of these older folks using this picture filter where it makes them look young.  I thought, “I want to see what I look like”.  It wasn’t that big of a change - I looked like a teenager with dark eyebrows and a white goatee.  I thought about that time (a long time ago) and I thought about regrets.  What did I do or have done that I would do differently?  

Your attitude and perspective have a lot to do with how you view a situation.  If you are negative and pessimistic - not a lot is possible.  Dad always use to say, “If you want an excuse to not do something, you’ll always find it”.  If you live in an optimistic space - there’s a chance that you’ll figure out how to make something happen. 

How are you motivated?  What drives your expectations?  I used to say that if you have negative expectations - you can only be pleasantly surprised with whatever happens.  Realistic expectations?  No surprise - “It is what it is”.  Optimistic and hopeful expectations - good going in and good going out - regardless of what happens.  

Optimism isn’t about being happy - it’s about hope.  It’s about seeing the sliver of opportunity in any and every situation.  

It’s all good.


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