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March 27, 2023

Be Motivated.

I was at a session with Quint Studer yesterday in Chicago at the annual congress of the ACHE*.  One of Quint’s big things he’s doing nowadays is to tell people that he loves them.  He said it’s important.  It makes people feel awkward but regardless, it’s a big deal**.  This week’s word is motivation, and I have to think that what we say and portray feeds motivation.  Are our statements based in “love”?

Right now, how we present ourselves (with the financial situation with all of its “pauses” and changes) is so important to motivation.  If I come to ISH all angry and sad and defeated … this mood and culture will trickle down and infect everyone I encounter.  If I come to ISH excited for the opportunity to make the organization leaner, meaner, and better suited for the future - with a smile and a positive force of energy - this will infect the culture as well.

I (and all of the senior leaders and board members) recognize that we won’t solve this financial issue in the next couple of months … it’s not possible or expected or even safe.  What we are focusing on is the long game.  We are hopefully presenting a positive culture and realistic and compassionate solutions.  We are motivated by love.  

I told people last week that I don’t lose sleep over this.  I know that when people move from a place of fear to a place of acceptance and faith - amazing things will happen.  I look forward to this journey.

*American College of Healthcare Executives - it was my 35th year.  Ashley Recknor, who is here as well, took great pleasure in telling me that was the year she was born.  (sigh)

**He shouted out from the podium to a crowd of a thousand people when he said telling people you love them makes them feel weird … “RIGHT STEVE?”  




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