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Notes from Steve

May 1, 2023

Be Respectful.

Respect (or actually lack of respect) has always been a trigger for me.  And not in a healthy way.  I sometimes mistake people not paying attention or acknowledging me as disrespect … when really - they might just be focusing on something else.  I jump to conclusions and make assumptions.  And I think this is a big problem society has right now.  We are way too sensitive*. 

I’ve talked about this a lot - being “less than nice” on the bike trail, raging passively at speeders and lane interlopers in my car, the airport, shopping, crosswalks**, etc. -- my thoughts are that people aren’t respecting me or the process or the laws.  Or, maybe I’m too sensitive.  Actually, I am too sensitive.  People are living their lives and going about their business and probably not thinking, “how can I make Steve’s life worse, because I disrespect him so much?”

If there is a lesson the “Be” words of the year have taught me - it’s to be nicer.  Employ grace in everything that I do.  I need to start singing “Let It Go” from Frozen non-stop.  I need to start with the assumption that people desire to do the right things and if they do something that I see as disrespectful, chances are it was a mistake, and they probably didn’t mean it.***  

*I’m totally including myself in this …
**I’m always pointing at the “walk” sign when cars are turning.  I hate people like me.  
***(I had a friend read this, and she said that other people need to wake up and be more respectful.  I told her I am only responsible for my behavior.)


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