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March 6, 2023

Be Joyful.

When I came to Clarion - more than a quarter of a century ago - I played guitar for a group of young grade schoolers at the Methodist Church.  They were named the Joyful Noisemakers.  Jordan - our Executive Assistant - and her siblings were singers in this group.  Grade schoolers then, thirty something adults now … the thought definitely ages me.  They were “joyful” and fun.  Great memories.

I spent the weekend with friends from home this last weekend.  We ate and drank like we were younger* and spent a lot of time talking about age and retirement.  The one thing we focused on though was how “joyful” we were and thankful that we were still feeling good and doing well.  I think this will be an ongoing topic for years to come.  

Joy is ever present, but it takes us being open and aware to see and appreciate it.  Being joyful to me is appreciating life in all of its forms.  Storms? Covid? Financial distress? … find the joy, find the lessons, find the energy and transform the negative.  It’s there.

*I’m completely exhausted. Pic of now and then.

Steve and friends

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