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Notes from Steve

September 25, 2023

Be memorable.

I tell stories all the time.  They’re usually the same stories, and there’s a really good chance if you’ve talked to me for more than 5 minutes, you’ve heard me repeat a story (usually in the same 5-minute span of discussion … which at some point in my life will be concerning …).  

Stories are powerful.  In marketing, we always say that the testimonial is the best advertising tool we have.  The power behind a story is the ability for the listener to relate and for the story to be memorable.  I think most people know I tell my story (the evolution of me as an administrator/CEO and how Iowa Specialty Hospital and Clinics came to be) at orientation every two weeks.  I really hope my story connects with all the new team members … but also - retelling my story, helps me to relive my experiences and revive and refresh myself.  

Steve and friends after bike accidentSaturday, the 16th of September, I had a bike accident.  I ran into a stupid concrete pole in the middle of a trail.  It was right before a road with busy traffic, and I was focusing on whether cars were coming and not stupid concrete posts in the middle of the trail.  I hit it square on and flew over the top of my bike onto my face and body.  It was fairly traumatic.   After my “incident”, I looked hard at my helmet and glasses and saw that they were scratched up (they did their jobs - protecting my head and eyes).  Not that I ever want to have this happen again, but since I didn’t break bones, I now have a personal story (that’s memorable) and a reason why I can tell others to wear their helmets when riding their bikes.  It saved me - it can save them as well. 

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