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Notes from Steve

August 28, 2023

Be inspired. 

Inspiration is an elusive animal.  It’s sometimes hard to find and often hard to describe.  For me - it’s sometimes hard to paint the picture of the vision in my brain to others.  I know what I want, but first to explain my ideas and then to get all parties to work together takes coordination, grace, and a lot of patience.  

If I have to spend a lot of time and effort trying to explain, more often than not, I’ll just get tired and drop it.  This is where patience comes in; of which I have less and less of as I age.  I remember my dad in the face of controversy or even making a decision - he’d just be quiet because it was easier.  He used to frustrate mom to no end, but I get it completely.  Explaining is exhausting.

However, silence is not the answer.  Inspiration with action equals movement forward, and without movement forward … we stay in place or go back, and that’s not good.  

Find what inspires you.  Get excited about it, and do something about it.  If you don’t - it probably won’t happen. And if you tried and it still doesn’t work, no big whoop - at least you tried.


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