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June 19, 2023

Be yourself.  

Clip from the TV Show Leave It to BeaverThe older I get, the less desire I have to work to make a good impression.  I realize that doesn’t sound great - but what I mean is that it’s just easier to be as good as possible all the time as opposed to remembering to be good in the right situations.  It feels like 50 years ago, people would always be dressed up in a suit and tie and have a pot of coffee ready at home anytime of the day. Well, that is not what I am talking about, and really, who could drink that much coffee?

That’s a tall order to be good all the time.  I remember once when I was talking to someone about the whole onstage/offstage thing, and they said if you need an “offstage” part of your life where you can let loose and rip on people - maybe you should reflect on this.  “What?”  Ok, road rage for example.  When I’m driving on the interstate, and people are flying around me at breakneck speeds and being dumb … I typically scream in my car at them.   They don’t care.  The only one I am hurting is myself.  So, I just try and be safe and hope that their unsafe driving won’t hurt anyone.  (deep breath)

Being myself nowadays is having a clean house, being presentable at all times*, assuming that people have the best intentions, and keeping my mind free of negative thoughts.

*At my loft in Des Moines - I assumed that you couldn’t see into my loft during the day so I’d dress in my bedroom without closing the shades.  This assumption is wrong.  

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