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June 12, 2023

Steve Simonin  - don't hug meBe eXtra.

If you’ve ever eaten at a family dinner, you’re aware that the rule is you should make extra. “You’re having 10 people over for dinner? Make enough for 20. Leftovers are expected.” It’s how we roll. It’s called love (don’t hug me, but leftovers? Yes.)

In the winter, when that guy with the snowblower goes to the end of the block and does your block as well?*  This is extra and so appreciated. The malt extra in the bottom of the blender they give you after they give you your malt? Yes, to all.  

My challenge in life is to figure out when “extra” is needed. You have to be aware and jump in when appropriate. Last winter, we had this dinner party, and as I was downstairs - a guest stayed upstairs and cleaned up the whole kitchen. I was so surprised when I got up there - they totally didn’t have to, but wow; “extra” in that situation was a gift! Not expected, but so appreciated. It still blows me away. 

“Extra” … to be really special should be unexpected. Paying forward, buying a stranger in need groceries, being a good Samaritan … if you would like it - chances are someone else would as well.

*I’m usually on my knees praying to the Almighty for this when I see them out snow blowing. 



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