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December 25, 2023

Be Zen.

Last word of the year!  And – as someone whose goal is to be grounded in all that I do – this is an especially important “Bee ‘word’” for me.  Zen, to me, is a calm, reflective state of being.  It’s harmonic and contemplative.  Kind of like me ….

I’m trying, really, I am.  I was talking with someone yesterday about the speeders on the interstate.  Coming up from Des Moines – someone is always going 90 miles per hour, and I feel compelled to scream at them, “SAFETY FIRST!” in the comfort of my own vehicle.  The person I was talking to yesterday said, “My wife always tells me, ‘You don’t know their circumstances, so stop the judgment.”*

Zen is about being patient with judgment and harsh emotions.  The dictionary points to meditation and being in tune with your intuition.  I’ve meditated every day for the last 3 years**. I’m trying to trust my intuition more.  I think for the close of 2023 (an admittedly tough year for some) getting closer to serenity and zen is a nice, albeit difficult, goal.  

*George Costanza’s dad on Seinfeld used to shout “SERENITY NOW!” when he was presented with a high anxiety situation.  I understand this completely.
**at five in the morning for 20 minutes.  I would like to think that it’s not just an extension of my sleep but …


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