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October 23, 2023

Be Quirky.

Quirky?  I looked it up.  One of the synonyms was unconventional (… other words were eccentric and unusual …).  I thought “yep, we’re unconventional”.  By looking at things differently, in an unconventional manner, we are able to accomplish the impossible.  I used to tell people, when I golfed* I would purposely hit my ball into the rough (an unconventional … quirky way of playing) because it was more challenging that way.** And I’m all about a good challenge (this is a lie).

The Galapagos Islands have quirky animals.  The island is isolated (independent of other land masses) and animals and plants evolved there that aren’t found anywhere else on earth.  They developed and evolved because they didn’t have interactions with the rest of the world.  The Iowa Specialty Hospital and Clinics quirkiness evolved out of the fact that we’re independent and we do things because they make sense for us.  Not for some corporate offices out of New York City.  

Dance as if no one is watching … and know that everyone is watching.  In the big scheme of life - if it works for you, go for it.  Be quirky, be innovative, be different and hopefully, be successful.  (And know, people will wonder and question your behavior, but that’s part of the fun.)

*I now hate golf.  It stresses me out completely … so does knitting.  I tried knitting because someone said it’s calming.  I had to stop because I felt like stabbing people with the knitting needles because of the stress involved.  
**I couldn’t hit a ball straight down the fairway if my life depended on it.  And for those who feel the need to “teach me” how to appreciate golf, don’t bother.  I’ve golfed all my life, and I hate it more every time I go out.  


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