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September 11, 2023

 Be Kind.

Ok, I’ve been waiting all year for “be kind”.  A kind person brings warmth to a room.  A kind person is compassionate and caring, even when faced with anger and adversity. I think if I was going to get another tattoo it’d be “be kind” … because I need to remind myself of this all the time.  For some reason - my rage (as of late) needs to be quelled.  I blame Covid.  

“Letting people be wrong about you or a situation while keeping your peace and focus is the most misunderstood power move you will ever make.” (Morgan Richard Olivier)

Senfield TV Show image that says, "That's Gold, Jerry."I think the thing I’m missing is that being kind gives you a heads up on your competition.  My coach would always say “rise above the emotion” and when I started practicing it … being kind when the angry or emotional person wants a reaction is gold.*  The angry person is confused because they want a fight, and you want to just be nice.  WIN!

If the worst thing someone can say is that you’re too happy and nice … that’s a losing argument.  In the most recent world series of little league - the Japanese team stayed for three extra days after they lost, so they could congratulate the winners.  That’s uber kind - I don’t know who won, but I know the story about the kind Japanese team.  

Being kind is a superpower.  

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