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August 14, 2023

Be gracious.

Dr. Hurt and I used to have conversations surrounding the word “grace”.  To have grace and be gracious is really hard, but so rewarding.  We talked about “grace” in a lot of contexts … from being humble and generous … to being honest in a loving way.

Tonight, is the party in my backyard.  Since I’ve been here for so long, I just assume everyone (all hospitals) does what we do.  I think the party in my backyard has been happening (sometimes cancelled because of rain or pandemics) for about 20 years.  I was giving my orientation talk this week, and we talked about free coffee and music in the hallways. Again, I assume everyone does this - gives away coffee, plays music everywhere, and has parties for the sake of having parties … sadly, this isn’t the case.  

Being gracious implies courtesy and kindly consideration.  To me - being gracious is about Mom always having cake and coffee ready for guests.  Being gracious to me is about making sure guests leave my dinner parties with leftovers.  Being gracious to me is 100% about being the best host in whatever situation - giving your guests the best, most welcoming experience possible.  

To lead with grace is to leave a deep, meaningful impression.  It’s my goal … 

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