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July 24, 2023

Be determined.

This week, I’m riding across the state on a bicycle with tens of thousands of my friends.  I think this is a great word for the week - determined.  People keep asking me, “are you going the whole week of Ragbrai?”  In my mind, I didn’t think I really had a choice. 

When I think of the word “determined”, I think resolute and single-minded.  For me (this is for me, if it doesn’t pertain to you, scroll on) - if I’m not 100% going to do something, I’ll fail.  It’s like when I used to run - if I had to stop for any reason, my mind would tell me, “hmmm, you’ve now failed so you might as well stop and take a nap”.  And I would because naps are glorious.

Being determined and accomplishing goals is a beautiful thing.  I feel so great after.  My goal is to typically finish the task at hand.  It isn’t necessarily coming in first place or the top 5% -- it’s finishing.  I know me, and if I don’t do something to completion, I won’t feel good.  So yes, with Ragbrai this week, I’ll complete it and help others who set the same goal to complete it as well.  I’m determined.


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