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July 10, 2023

Be bold.

I went to my 40th class reunion this last weekend.  A lot of my classmates didn’t show … I graduated from a class of 350 people - maybe a quarter to a third showed up.  Comments like “why would I go?  That doesn’t sound fun” to “I’d be uncomfortable” to “naah, not my thing”.  I posted after that I was hesitant as well - but I was supposed to play music in my old band on Friday and lead the school song the next night.  So I boldly decided “I’m going and having a good time, regardless of my concerns or fear”.  I had a great time and I said as much on my Facebook wall.  A lot of my classmates commented that they, too, felt dread in going but they were so glad they did. 

If I’m nervous or hesitant … I basically have 2 choices - I can either not show up or show up.  Class reunions are really tough.  A lot of my classmates texted me before saying their friends weren’t attending and they were nervous and could I hang out with them?  For many, those were really tough years that came with really tough memories.  I understand why some people would avoid.  Who wants to relive the trauma of your teen years?

But -- choosing bold (and brave) paid off.  I saw so many smiles and heard so much laughter.  I ended up playing guitar and drinking beer with classmates on the deck of the golf course clubhouse most of the 2nd night. Darrel -- friend, fellow musician and classmate said “"if heaven is a little bit like that, i'll be ok". 

If acting boldly allows you to see a bit of heaven - then just do it. 

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