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February 5, 2024

Last year, on my birthday, I decided I was going to start running again. I told my friend John this, and I (jokingly) asked him if he wanted to do a 5K with me in the spring. Much to my horror, he said “absolutely”. (Sigh) I talked to him again this week – haven’t seen him in months – and his wife Cathie said, “Steve, you motivated John, and he’s been training!”  Ok, so now I have to train for a 5K this spring. I used to run a lot back in the day, and it shouldn’t be a big deal – I’ve done a lot of runs, but I’m older now and should know better. It’s a good thing though … a good thing.
I asked and got new running shoes for Christmas. They’re the “Hoka One One” brand. They add about 2 inches to my height (like running in stilettos). The run is like running on a cloud. So nice. We always talk about having the right tools and equipment to do our jobs – these shoes are the right equipment for me. So, I will take on this challenge and knock it out of the park.  
2024 is for me about taking on challenges with like-minded friends*. Together, we can always achieve more. 
Phone a friend, find something challenging – grab on tightly and enjoy a new ride together. And if you want … April 21st - 5K Drake Relays … I’d love to run (jog, plod, crawl) with you.
*A rising tide lifts all boats – pick people who will help raise your tide.

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