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December 4, 2023

Be worthy.

How do I define myself as worthy? As a good Iowan who learned from the best (my mom), I don’t go anywhere without something to add. I was brought up to bring a “dish to share” … (usually a bottle of nice red wine). That’s not enough, though. It’s not about just bringing stuff – it’s contributing in a way that’s meaningful. My friend, Priscilla, was a member with me in the Rotary Club in Scotland, SD. I told her a couple of times that I wanted to blow off the Rotary meeting. “Why?” she asked. “I just don’t feel like going”, I said. “Then quit – if you don’t have anything worthy to add, and you are just going to fill your time – don’t waste ours.” (True story – I felt this was a bit harsh, but I get it, and it was a great lesson.)

She told me this in 1994, and I’ve thought about it often. I’ve reflected on participating in activities where I’m just there, and I think, “Am I adding to this situation? What worth am I bringing?”  

Worthy means having enough good qualities to be considered important or useful. 

Our time is filled with so many activities, and most of the time, we are multitasking. Is it possible to always be worthy in everything we do? Probably not – that’s asking a lot. But, in those times that we carve out to be a member of a club or a board or a job or attend an event – we need to remember we were chosen or invited for some reason. Our presence is more than filling a seat. How can we come with our best qualities and add value?*

*And it’s not bad to say no if we can’t give it our best shot. It’s better to do less stuff better than more stuff, mediocre.   

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