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Notes from Steve

December 18, 2023

Be you.

Maybe it’s just me … but I find myself always trying to define myself (“Who am I?”).  I go by the mirror or see a picture or hear myself on a recording and think, “Who is that? Is that how I come across?”

Being “you” is at the very base – being authentic, but are we truly authentic, or are we just trying to be what others expect us to be?  

Lots of questions.  

When I look at people I want to be around, those really attractive people – it’s not their looks that are appealing - it’s their ability to be confident and authentic that is so sexy.  Someone who is comfortable in their own skin radiates energy.  They are truth-telling and sincere.  They are kind of “This is me, and if you don’t like it, tough beans.”

Sometimes though, chaos and drama in life cause us to lose our confidence and question ourselves.  The ability to be “us” is lost, and we are adrift.  It’s sometimes hard to find our path back.  Holidays and winter are two of the worst for me … I feel lost and not myself. 

I’m not alone.  If you see someone out of sorts – maybe they aren’t feeling themselves.  Sitting with them and letting them realign (without comment or judgment) is one of the best things you can do.  

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