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December 11, 2023

Be eXceptional.

Last week, I was introducing myself to a new advisory board that I’m on (rural health – nationwide group). It’s a small board, and they were asking the question, “If you were to ask ‘What is the one word propelling you forward in helping rural health this next year’ … what would that be?” I said, “Confidence”. What makes us (Iowa Specialty Hospital & Clinics) special and successful and eXceptional is our base of confidence. No one (in this case – a big network) is quick to say “that’s wrong” or “it won’t work” … thereby shattering our confidence. This for the most part is what we do, and because of it – we literally define success in community healthcare delivery.

As a kid – I was overweight and not motivated to move. My mom was a disciple of Weight Watchers from day one, and my dad took up running. They were on their own health kick, and I ignored their parental advice. Dad used to try to get me to run with him – basically to do anything, but I chose otherwise. It was in college when I figured out that I needed to get in shape, and I started running and eating better. The good thing that my parents did was to allow me to focus on what made me happy and confident, and “when the student was ready – the teacher appeared.” I learned my lesson when I needed to. 

When we allow people to experience their own journeys (and gently guide them when necessary), we allow for confidence. When we allow for someone to feel good about themselves, we allow for success. When their foundation is strong, sturdy, and confident – eXceptionalism sets in and watch out; life is not only good, but awesome.  

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