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November 20, 2023

Be unbreakable.

I’m done with skiing*.  For the most part, I don’t run outside anymore.  I’m fairly up on the state of my health.  I get vaccinated when possible.  I avoid sickness.  I get enough sleep, and I meditate daily.  Am I unbreakable? Not at all – but I try really hard to avoid situations where I might break.  

It's about being aware of risk.  And avoiding said risk.

Yellow CatI was having a conversation at lunch today.  I was telling everyone that I almost got a cat last Friday.  “Thank god, it found a home,” I said.  I remember talking to someone years ago about getting another pet, and she said, “I can’t deal with the heartache of another pet dying”.  I thought to myself “well that’s fairly dramatic” … but I understand now what she was saying – the pain of her heart breaking was too much.  But is this the right way to look at it?  Should we avoid breaking?**

I want to be unbreakable.  So, in my case, it’s important to avoid 5-year-olds on skis to remain unbroken.  For ISH, unbreakable means getting good with pivoting.  By bending and flexing and taking risks, we’ve been able to succeed. 

However, sometimes you have to break, and that’s all right.  This is where new growth comes in.  It’s call life.

*My shoulder got damaged years ago when a 5-year-old skied over my skis, and I fell hard.  I now have PTSD. 
**I’m not going to get a pet right now – but I will someday.  And my heart will probably break when the pet dies – but I’ll have wonderful memories.  Will I ski again or run outside – probably.   And probably – I’ll be fine and have a great time.  And if I’m careful – I probably won’t get hurt.


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