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October 9, 2023

Be observant.

It always scares me when I realize that I’ve driven a ways and I’ve been zoned out thinking of other stuff.  I find when I go on “autopilot” … I miss stuff (like exits).  If I’m not observant with my biking - I hit concrete posts.  If I’m not observant with stuff at the house - I burn food and do other stupid things. As I age, I trust my “autopilot” mode less, and find I need to be more observant and aware. 

I was talking with a big-time runner this last weekend (she’s 66 and runs like 12 miles a day).  I asked her what happens when she misses a lot of her running days in a row.  “I don’t do that” … I understand this - if I miss exercising (sweating and breathing hard) more than 2 days in a row - I’ll get headaches and be less of a nice guy.  My body and mind need this to keep going.  

We need to do whatever* we need to -- to charge up our minds and bodies.  It’s important to stay observant of everything possible because life is so incredibly hectic and changing on a constant basis … if our awareness slips, it could be dangerous.  The other incredible thing about observing; the world is really pretty right now and if you are not watching and appreciating, you are missing out.  (Did you see the moon this past weekend? Wow!)

*legal and healthy

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