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Notes from Steve

October 30, 2023

Be Resilient*. (Definition: the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.)

I tell the new employees in orientation that if we weren’t heavily into Organizational/Service Excellence when the orthopedic surgeons came on board 15 years ago, there would be no way we would have survived bringing orthopedics on as a service line in 2006.  Or bariatric in 2014.  Or be able to deliver more and more babies yearly.  It is because our culture was and is resilient.  We bend and mold and adjust and pivot when necessary.  

Resiliency in this environment is largely about our egos.  If we thought we couldn’t because “small hospitals don’t do that” or “that’s too much work” or “it won’t work” … then we would fail; every time.  If collectively, we pitch in and make situations work regardless of the conditions (covid, staffing crisis, shortages, broken A/C) … AND we pivot and adjust when necessary -- we will survive and thrive. 

On Saturday, I turned 59.  My last year of being in the fifties.  I think I need to set a goal, and perhaps this is the time to become less interesting and more interested.  Being resilient to me (more and more) means pausing and allowing grace to enter situations.  It’s less about winning and more about focusing on the helping others achieve their goals.  

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