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October 2, 2023

Be noble.

When I was growing up in Sioux City (I’m talking like 3 to 6 years old) … we had the family, The Nobles, a couple of doors down from us.  My sister and I would bug Mrs. Noble incessantly … and she was incredibly generous and patient with us.  As I reflect back - most of the neighbors (in my 1960’s neighborhood) were nice and gracious … my childhood had a warm glow.  There were probably some who were less than noble - my parents steered me away from them.

The word “noble” is defined as upstanding and moralistic.  I don’t think as a 5-year-old that those were the qualities I was seeking in Mrs. Noble (I really think it was her chocolate chip cookies) - but as I look back, I think I had deep respect for her from how she presented herself.  When we, as adults, come across as respectable and noble, we will be respected.  Thinking back - I can remember (as a kid) adults I didn’t respect, and it was because of their behavior.  They were loud or rude or disrespectful to the kids of the neighborhood.  

I think about this a lot.  In our standards of behavior, the last part is in bold and talks about how criticizing and or condemning the hospital “will not be tolerated”.  This is about being noble.  This is about rising above the emotions and applying grace always - in an assertive, yet respectful manner that will ultimately change the neighborhood, community, organization … the world.  

Be the noble one … be it the nice neighbor, the kind adult, or the person who defines grace in the crowd.

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