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October 16, 2023

Be proud.

Pride is subjective.  A couple of decades ago, we used to have ongoing discussions of “people should have pride in where they live or how they look (the “where they live” was in reference to the Clarion Chamber and we were getting ready for Festival in the Park and wanted people to pick up their yards … how they look was about the hospital dress code).  Neither discussion was enjoyable, and it always caused people to argue, deflect, yell and other awesome things.  Once, we proposed that people stop parking on their lawns and the response was so huge that city council had to move to a bigger venue for the city council meeting that night, and the conversation turned into accusations of us wanting people to die.*

Discussions on dress code … they are always bad.  Someone’s feelings will indeed get hurt.  Guaranteed.

So then, what does “be proud” mean in today’s society?  My opinion of what pride means is probably different than yours.  Recently in the US Senate - dress code was discussed.  One senator thought that comfort should reign and that hoodies and shorts should be acceptable.  The other side (the majority of the Senate) thought differently.  Lots of discussion - it went back to formal business attire.  The concept of pride was brought up. “We should have more respect (and pride) of the institution and present ourselves in that way.” - they (kind of) said.  

We have to define what pride is a lot of times.  Our Standards of Behavior define our behavior at the hospital.  Laws and rules define where we park and how we behave and act in society.  Perhaps pride is the extra step in how we interpret standards, laws, and rules.**  Shame is the opposite of pride.  I’m happier when I’m proud.  Makes me feel good.  

*”If we don’t park on our lawns” .. one person surmised … “then the ambulances will have a hard time coming down the streets and people will die”.  Ok.
**5/10 - you’re required to say “hi” within 5 feet, but if you say it with a scowl - that sucks the goodness right out of it.


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