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January 8, 2024

I posed the question at a New Year’s Eve gathering with my lifelong friends -- “What’s your word for 2024?” They thought of different words that reflected their various life changes (some were having grandkids in the very near future, and some were retiring and moving), and then they asked me what my word was. I honestly didn’t know … so I thought about it.

Over the past several years, my “words of the year” have been focused on forward action - saying yes or pivoting when the universe or environment tells me to do so.  This year though … I’m slowing it down.  I once gave a talk, and someone said I was too frenetic.* Basically, they were telling me, “Slow it down, buddy.” Ok. How do I become less frantic and anxious? Will I lose my focus and energy? 

Keep Calm and Carry OnI think my word for 2024 is perspective. With my 60th birthday happening this year, a lot of things are swarming around in my head. (60 feels like a big deal.) Good stuff and bad stuff happen daily, and how I approach and interpret the “stuff” dictates how I will handle the future. I want the good stuff to continue and the bad stuff to change – maybe bad isn’t bad though … maybe it’s an opportunity? I need to find silver linings in the bad, refocus, and keep saying yes. It’s not always about new and shiny plans … sometimes remodeling the kitchen is better than buying a new house.

One of my talents is that I can apply angst and anxiety to almost everything in life. But that is only going to cause me to be frenetic. And also, my angst/anxiety rolls downhill – “If Steve’s nervous and anxious, then everyone else will be as well.” I’ll strive to keep calm and carry on.  

*I had to look up the word ~~frantic, frenzied, hectic, distracted, mad~~ I didn’t necessarily take it as a compliment.


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