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November 6, 2014

So for half of America, last night signaled defeat (half of those who voted … don’t tell me if you don’t vote*). This usually happens in the second half of a two-term president – people are enraged, and they vote against the president and not usually in favor of a candidate. It was expected.

Defeated.  Hmmm. That is a pretty strong word. Do you ever just feel defeated? Like when your kid asks you for the hundredth time in one hour for something and it is easier to give in than say “no” one more time? Or when you are doing your job – whether it’s cleaning floors or providing a service, and people walk in with their muddy shoes or complain so much and threaten to give bad scores that you end up giving them what they want? Recently, we were subject to so many negative commercials that we almost want to celebrate today than witness any of the continual bashing… The political system to me feels broken and defeated. I think if I was one of those who were defeated in yesterday’s political race I would feel like I won.

So back to “defeated.” If we allow ourselves to feel defeated on anything, perhaps if we look at the situation differently and take a different perspective, then and only then can we turn our loss into a win. By taking the energy away and taking a stand – rising above the emotion of the situation – we can assertively state our position and move on.  Perhaps if your job is cleaning floors and it upsets you and you feel defeated when someone with dirty feet walks across your clean floor, maybe you are in the wrong profession. With the kid asking multiple times for something, they are only doing learned behavior. If you allow them the prize, they will continue this behavior. You are the problem; change your behavior. It’s up to you to choose your attitude, and if defeated in a negative way is how you choose to live your life, too bad.  If you choose to make the loss a win, life will be great. 

My Facebook post from Monday: Tomorrow is our chance to be responsible Americans. If you don't vote, please refrain from participating in every discussion that deals with Obamacare, Social Security, taxes, defense, roads, etc. If you don't vote, you have no voice. Be responsible and vote. (My mom used to vote for the best looking candidate ... even though this is not how I would recommend you pick your candidate—I would suggest that you do your homework on your candidate of choice - the important thing is she exercised her American rights. Regardless of how, she voted.) VOTE. Just do it ... or shut up.


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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