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July 31, 2023

Be Educated

The theme this week is Be Educated. Sounds easy enough, and for most people they would equate that to advancing your education with a degree or certification. I had a cousin who had six different degrees and was the most unrelatable person I had ever met. In his case, being more educated didn’t really equate to better. As I am sure you have gathered from my writing, I am personally more impressed with life lessons and what you learn from them. This education is truly priceless. This is the education that leads to better understanding of your fellow man and builds your compassion and empathy. All key factors in providing exceptional healthcare. 

One of the most amazing things about our healthcare team is that we represent a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Each of these leads us to be able to support each other, our teams, and our patients in unique ways. This week, I challenge you to “educate” yourself by getting to know someone on our team that you don’t normally talk to. You may be amazed at what you have in common or what life lessons they have lived and can share with you. 

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