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Amy's Reflections

April 24, 2023

We have all encountered that person who asks a million questions at conferences or webinars.  For some it can be super annoying as it seems to drag the session out longer, and for some it can be super helpful as they are too afraid to ask the questions but appreciate the answers. This week’s theme is be questioning and my first thought was the annoyance of a million questions as patience is one of my biggest opportunities. But after reflection, it makes me really stop and think questioning to understand the why instead of making assumptions. Often, we take in information and process it with our own spin based on what we believe the motivation is for the information. In reality, we should all ask more questions to better understand the information that we are given, especially the why behind decisions.   

My challenge for you this week is to be more questioning in your life. Whether that be at work or at home, when you catch yourself making an assumption ask more questions. It will help give you additional perspective and better understanding as to the decision being made. My example for this week relates to my search for a different car. It has been a long and ridiculous process that I stubbornly have done on my own. Rick asked me the other night why I was leaning towards one vehicle over the other one. What specifically set it apart or made it my pick? It made me stop and actually share with him my decision-making thought process to which he agreed made perfect sense. However, before sharing those details, it didn’t seem like a logical choice. So, practice being questioning and see what facts you can gather. 


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