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A Message from the CEO - October '22

October 18, 2022

Got my flu shot last week.  Going to get boosted again for COVID this week.  During the first part of November, I’m going to get my second shingles shot…sigh…I feel like a pin cushion.  BUT - I’d rather have a sore arm than be sick.  I’m a bad sick person.  Every time I cough, I assume the most awful possible illness (at least the black plague, if not worse).  Ben Franklin wisely said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Yep - I agree.

With this in mind, I’m fighting the aging process with every fiber of my being.  As you may know - I am a cyclist. When I go out and ride, sometimes I’m alone and sometimes I’m with a group. This last weekend, we did a fall ride in Des Moines - it was stunningly beautiful. All the leaves were changing, there was a nip to the air…and we drank a lot of beer. So, in essence, all my calories riding were taken up by the calories in the autumnal, festive, Oktoberfest beer. My goal going forward is to tip the scales in favor of health and wellness, so maybe toss in a few waters and maybe a carrot stick??*  

I was just talking with a friend about getting older. We talked about high school classmates who were (in our opinion) seriously aging. They complain of aches and pains and seem to be allowing nature to take its course without objection. We agreed that you need to engage in the discussion with nature.  “I’m not going to take it - I will eat better, take care of myself and exercise!” (He also said, “Steve, it’s counterintuitive, but lifting weights actually helps you lose weight.” Good to know.) He added that leading a healthy lifestyle and pushing yourself beyond your comfort level…will help to sustain your youth.  Ok.  Sounds good to me.

Going into fall and winter, (shudder and dread), it’s so important to be aware of our health. Clothes getting tighter? Runny nose? Cough? Consider joining a gym or watching what you eat. Do stuff, and when you hang out with friends - make sure the gauge is pointed in favor of health and wellness and not toward unhealthy choices. Have a beer…but also drink your water and eat your carrot sticks.  

*This morning, I took a wellness quiz. It said for mental wellness you need to socialize and hang with friends.So perhaps I didn’t score as well on the physical part of the wellness (lots of beer with the fall biking), but on the social part? I knocked that one out of the park. I had an awesome time.

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