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A Message from the CEO - May '22

May 16, 2022

A friend was posting that she was moving because the house she was renting was going to be sold.  There were a lot of comments on her post stating that moving is one of the worst things possible.  I’ve told friends and family that I understand they will need to move someday, but please don’t call me.  I will pay them hard cash to get out of helping them move because I hate it that much.  

We’re doing a lot of moving within Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics.  New buildings, clinics and office space, and unfortunately, the job of moving falls (a lot) on our Maintenance guys.  I feel for these guys because of my opinion towards moving, but also - all the moving is happening at the same time.  It’s a perfect storm of “suck."

Last year I went bike riding up in Minnesota and got caught in an endless rain.  It turned out to be a lot of fun (after I thought about it), and I was telling a guy I met on the trails the next day about the “rain ride.” He said “embrace the suck.”  (… pause … “embrace the suck”?)

When we move, the act of moving is usually hard and dirty and, personally, I usually hurt myself.* However, to the person moving…it represents new beginnings.  Our new clinic in Webster City is about 5 times bigger (maybe more) than their previous space.  And it is stunning.  Our other moves are making way for new, big things, such as clinic and OB rooms for all the babies.  In the context of “embracing the suck” - a key driver for this is to recognize that the end goal (a new space) is a good thing and we (the maintenance guys) are helping them achieve their good thing. 

As we move into the unknown future, we have to have the right attitude, because pandemics exist, war is a real thing, and “suck” happens … but if we are prepared and are able to pull out the silver lining - it’ll all be fine in the end.

*Years ago I was moving a couch in Mason City and heard my shoulder muscle rip.  It was horribly painful, and I didn’t sleep for a year.  I now consider my muscles more for show than for lifting couches.  Self-preservation is job one.

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