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A Message from the CEO - May 2023

May 11, 2023

I was waiting the entire day on Sunday for the bad storms that were supposedly coming.  They didn’t hit Clarion, but I was mentally prepared.  One of the thoughts that I had was that I remember getting stuck in bad storms years ago.  I’d be out running and it’d start hailing.  Or I’d accidently drive right into a thunderstorm.  Now, I am glued to the radar, and if there is even a hint at bad weather … I’m not going.

I think I’m missing out on life. 

I have pre-anxiety regarding weather and disaster so I “beige” up my life to avoid it all.  And in avoiding it all, I don’t do things.  Like Sunday - it was a beautiful day with a slight chance of horrible weather.  I could have ridden my bike, worked in the yard … something … but instead I sat in and read my book.*

Avoidance is my classic go-to in life.  I haven’t stepped on a scale in years because I somehow believe that if I don’t know, it isn’t a fact.** If I don’t know that a slice of supreme pizza from Casey’s is 312 calories (I used to tell people it was 476 calories), then I can have three slices. 

I avoid because I don’t want to be caught in an unfavorable situation.  The time I was running and it hailed?  I love that story and that experience.***  If I avoid a situation that may make me feel uncomfortable - I also don’t have the story and experience that may have enhanced my life. Taking some risk can be rewarding. 

Push your envelope.  Test the waters.  Jump in the deep end.  Dad always said, “If you want an excuse, you’ll find an excuse”.  This is the best time of year - get up, get out and enjoy life.



*To be fair to myself - my book club, which meets in a couple of days, is reading a 750-page book and I’m on page 200, so it wasn’t a complete waste of the day.
**My clothes tell me different.
***I covered myself from the hail with a piece of paneling I found on the ground.  It was quarter sized hail.

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