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A Message from the CEO - June '22

June 17, 2022

I was discussing with one of our Orthopedic surgeons the other day about their new “robot” back in surgery.  I said, “So, you can be somewhere else and do the surgery?” He replied, “No, no, no. We are still there completely - the robot just allows for increased precision.”  I had in mind those robot surgery things that allow for the surgeon to “do” their work from across the room.  That is not what we have - our ROSA® (Robotic Surgical Assistant) assists in placement and accuracy, and the surgeons still do the actual surgery.  The docs said that this is the latest and the greatest in surgery.   

The latest and greatest tools and information and education make us better humans.  I always talk about raising your level of awareness, like what I read recently on coffee.  Last week, I read that coffee increases your chances of living longer by 30%.  (I don’t claim to have any idea of what this means.) So, the gallon of black coffee I drink every morning will probably insure that I live well into triple digits.  (So, when I say that I’m middle age - 57 years old x2 = is 114 years old…and that feels about accurate.) 

The world of information is changing at an alarming rate.  We know so much more now than we did in the past. Because of this, our lives are so much better…but are they?  I’m not sure.  We need to use our tools and information to truly raise the bar on how we live. (Like my Fitbit watch - if I just look at it and see that I’m not working out but not doing anything with that information…then it’s not useful.)  We use surveys and questionnaires to see what’s going on, and then see how we can do better.*  If people don’t speak up and let us know how to improve, then we’ll just keep doing the same thing, we’ll make changes without any input.

So, speak up and let your voices and your concerns be known.  There are a lot of cool new things just waiting for you to discover that can enhance your life.  Use them - push yourself to raise your bar.  I plan on being the healthiest, most educated 114 year old out there.  That’s my new goal.

*We would appreciate it if you would complete our “Community Health Needs Assessment Survey.” Please fill it out completely and honestly.  It’s a great way for us to plan on our upcoming needs at Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics.  Click here for survey.

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