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A Message from the CEO - June 2023

June 15, 2023

It’s summer.  Summer (… deep meaningful sigh …).  Before I started biking - I used to say that autumn was my favorite season.  My favorite season is now spring.  It’s the one that starts it all … it offers a promise of adventure.  A couple of years ago, I was talking with a fellow rider and saying that there were a bunch of organized rides that we’re missing.  “Everyone looks like they are having a great time … I want that.”  This year I’m taking full advantage and riding every weekend. 

This isn’t about biking.

FOMO - the “Fear Of Missing Out” is a real thing.  Being part of something - be it a team, a party, a group, whatever - humans crave the tribe.  We want to live life to the max and have the best time while doing it.  We want to live without regrets.*

I hear a lot about other organizations and their issues with engagement.  People just aren’t happy right now with a lot of things.  Be it self-checkout at HyVee or long wait times in the ER or the price of gas/food/etc.  We are tuned into the “fairness” of everything and “calling the manager” when you are not completely happy.

In biking (again, this isn’t about biking), there are rules of the road.**  There is also the “nod” or “wave” when passing.  The tribe of riders “in the know” watch out for each other.  Take this to an organization where those “in the know” (engaged staff and customers/patients) have an appreciation and expectation of great service.   We nod or say hi … or go out of our way to show kindness.

I have FOMO.  I want to be part of the group “in the know”.  The best restaurants and hospitals and places to work and live and have fun … I want it all.  I want the promise and delivery of adventure.  Life is way too short not to have situations exceed your expectations. 


*Me. I want to live without regrets and I hope this is universal.  “Regrets” are no fun. And most people crave the tribe - meaning feeling like you are a part of something.
**Same with driving, running and probably a lot of other stuff.

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