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A Message from the CEO - Jan '22

January 14, 2022

As she closed the book of her old life
Sighing relief as she finally let go
She carved a path to a new beginning 
Writing a new chapter 
The uneasy feeling of change soon faded away 
And for the first time in a while her soul felt free 
~ Peta Ramia

This feels very appropriate for a new year.  How do we untether the old perspectives and responsibilities from our past and move forward?  I can look at a lot of different “episodes” in my life - family hospice situations, fostering pets from friends, holiday obligations, races/marathons…and whether they were sad or great or promises or physically challenging…after they were completed - life was different.  These situations represented huge changes/milestones in my life and for a while, post event - the new reality was uncomfortable.

This is the start of the new year.  The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work.  Soon I pray (we all do) the pandemic will be over and we can move on to our new normal. When COVID-19 is “over”…we as a society will be uneasy.  It’ll feel like we are coming off the ark after the flood.  What is a “new normal” anyway?  What’s that mean?

What if…what if we emerged into this new time and new world with newly found appreciation, and we left behind our judgments and rationalizations?  What if our collective perception was one of compassion instead of division?  

Personally, the free soul feeling sounds nice.  Looking at what could be in 2022, I see only possibility.  The horizon is rich with opportunity and olive branches.  It is up to each and every one of us to choose this path.

Let us, collectively, choose grace.

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