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A Message from the CEO - December '22

December 13, 2022

I was in New York City last week doing the Christmas scene with my sisters and 12 million of my closest friends.  It was fairly crazy.  Actually; it was absolutely crazy. (I literally saw a rat jump on people in Times Square.) We rode the subway, walked 75,000 steps, ate a bunch of weird food, and shopped. 

I read a friend’s post about not being in the Christmas spirit this year - “call me scrooge - I don’t care” … she said.  And -- that’s fine.  She said she didn’t put up a Christmas tree or decorations and didn’t find the holiday magic this season and again, that’s all right.  I’ve been there myself.  Sometimes you just don’t have the “feels” and there is no particular reason.  There are a lot of folks who, when facing a holiday, have trauma or memories linked in a less than positive way.  Others don’t have a network of friends or family to celebrate with and are extra lonely around the holidays.*  If someone is not celebrating this year - be respectful.  But also, be aware - they might need some extra kindness.

For me - I’m a big fan of music, whether playing it or listening to it.  My church group recently got back together to play music and we are doing a couple of Christmas gigs this year.  That - and NYC (minus the rat) filled me up with spirit to last midway into January.  On another note: we did our first ISH Christmas run/walk this last Saturday.  (I’m dressed as Santa in the pic and played Christmas Jazz on my phone as I walked.)

So, Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / have a good solstice / Happy New Year.  You do you - and that’s all right. 


*The surgeon general said that “loneliness” is an epidemic. Post pandemic - we, as a society, spent a lot of time by ourselves and the rash of social media doesn’t mean that we are necessarily more connected … sometimes it’s the opposite. 

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