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OB Implements Brain Bags

July 1, 2022

Our OB Department recently implemented Brain Bags available through the Studer Community Institute. Brain Bags were started as a way for parents to encourage early brain development and literacy skills in their babies.

90 – 95% of a child’s brain growth happens by age 5, before they even start kindergarten. In order to maximize a child’s brain development and readiness for school, it’s important to start early.

Items include a children’s book and reading guide, activity guide, language enrichment toy, and baby steps book. The Brain Bags are designed to grow a baby’s brain, and are one more way we are caring for the whole patient.

The links below provide additional information on the importance of communicating and reading to children starting at infancy.

Brain Bag Brochure

Basic Principles

Light Up Baby's Brain

What Builds Your Child's Brain



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