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ISH-Belmond Hosts Iowa Obstetrics Mobile Simulation Team

October 10, 2023

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On October 3rd and 4th, Iowa Specialty Hospital-Belmond, hosted the Iowa Obstetrics Mobile Simulation Team. This team provides education on emergency obstetric skills and simulation for non-delivering rural hospitals to improve the quality of care to all delivering persons. Staff in the Iowa Specialty Emergency Department (ED) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were given the opportunity to partake in the three-hour education.  Five education sessions were conducted over a two-day period. Education including vaginal delivery, post-delivery medications, fundal massages, postpartum hemorrhage management, brief overview of quantitative blood loss, preeclamptic management, identifying seizure risks, implementation for treatment for hypertension, and identifying when patient condition is stable and appropriate to transfer to an obstetrical unit.

The education provided was well received by all emergency staff members. Staff were engaged, asked questions, and took the education provided seriously. The goal of a simulation and skills lab is to replicate real-life health situations in a safe, experiential, and reliable environment, allowing staff to practice repeatedly, reduce errors in medical procedures, learn about patient safety, and improve clinical outcomes. The two simulations provided staff with those skills, and they were able to safely identify gaps within processes to better treat the patients that are being cared for in the facility.

A big thank you goes out to the Iowa Obstetrics Mobile Simulation Team that helped bring the education to Iowa Specialty Hospital. This team included Jill Henkle, Kristal Graves, Amanda Staab, and Dr. Kokila Thenuwara. Another big thank you goes out to the Iowa Specialty Nursing and EMS leadership team that reached out to host the education within our facility. This team included our Nurse Educator- Kayla Zeien, OB Leader- Jennifer Mewes, ED Leader- Amber Hunt, and EMS Leader- Monica Halverson. Their support to staff and to our patients does not go unnoticed.

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